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Outback Comms

Starlink Cable Adapter

Starlink Cable Adapter

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Do you need to test the network cables you're making or simply want to convert your OEM cable to a POE without cutting the cable

** This Starlink cable adapater allows you to plug into either dishy end or Router end of your starlink cable **

Outback Comms cable adapters allow you to adapt from an unmodified starlink cable to RJ45

  • For 12/24 volt conversions this means no more frankenstein cables
  • For testing, this means use an off the shelf ethernet cable tester to check your cables and certify them, this single cable allows you to test DC converted Starlink cabling for quality and systems.

If you are looking for the full Starlink cable tester, view full starlink cable tester

** Whilst most times we have this product in stock, At times we run out of these cables, if your need is urgent check with us before ordering **

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