About Us

Outback Comms started as a hobby for us, we needed a remote internet solution and at the time there were few commercial options around.

We purchased Starlink and thought we could just set up and pack away as we needed it, but that became old very quickly. After the hassle of setting it up, moving it around constantly, and with the risk of theft and damage we decided to just alter the Dishy, and flat mount it to a work vehicle.

So with the router placed in the canopy, and the Dishy bolted into an aluminum frame on top, the Dishy performed exceptionally well, we even tested it at the bottom of an open cut coal mine amongst the machinery and massive vertical walls around us.

We were so impressed and others seemed interested that we created a website with the view of maybe selling one or two a month as a side hobby…..but the good Lord had other plans. Upon launching the website we had our first order within hours, and within the first month we had over 30 orders!!

Outback Comms is constantly evolving, creating and improving its products and even bundling products into kits so our customers can simply Plug and Play.
Since launching in January 2023, we added a second location in Mackay for the fabrication of our larger products for commercial use and have welcomed two partners to assist with building a great Australian brand and culture for Outback Comms.

We have and continue to enjoy this adventure and we hope to see you all on the road enjoying your travels soon!!

Nic & J

Need help with something?

Can I change the Wi-Fi Name and Password?

Absolutely you can, just head to IP address and follow the prompts.

Just don't forget your password or you will have to reset your router to factory settings which requires opening up the plug and play box.

What is the Power Consumption

Whether you're running on a 240v or 12v setup the Dishy is still going to be drawing the same amount. The benefit of going with a 12v system means that you don't have to run an inverter which are usually quite heavy on the battery draw.

Dishy Amp Draws:

Booting: 7-10 Amps
While in Use: 4-7 Amps
Standby: 2-3 Amps

How long before I get my order?

We have a high demand of orders, while we are working as hard and as fast as we can to get your orders out quality takes time.

Current Lead Times:

Cables, Routers, Joiners 1-2 Days
Rugged Flat Mount 1-2 Weeks
Outback POE/Plug and Play 2-4 Weeks
Complete Bundled Kits: 4-6 Weeks

Linking your Dishy

You're all set up, and now it's time to link your Dishy. Use this guide to assist you with the process. If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for support. We're here to help you throughout the linking process.

View PDF - How to Link Dishy