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Outback Comms

The Rugged - Flat Mount for Starlink

The Rugged - Flat Mount for Starlink

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The Rugged flat mount is made from High Density Polyethylene ( HDPE ).

The rugged is the base to a lot of the Outback Comms kits but they can be bought separately.

A little more stylish than the acrylic topped mounts and can be mounted to a roof rack, canopy, carried on the back of the ute, or even the rack on your ATV.

The HDPE case will protect your dishy from hail, birds and rocks ( if vehicle mounted )

This Rugged is a waterproof flat mount for your Starlink terminal and is ready to catch and throw internet signals to the Starlink Satellites constellation with your Dishy inside.

Like all our cases, cable entry can be placed on either side or the bottom. See diagram attached to select your cable position when you place your order.

Dimensions of Rugged case - 550L x 340W x35H (mm)

** Australian made **

** Whist this works great and enables you to mount Starlink flat, it does require modification that renders your Starlink limited warranty void.

 NOTE - Mounting Brackets SOLD SEPARATELY

* Current lead time is approximately 2-4 weeks from time of order to dispatch

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