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Gen 3 Dishy Tuff Mount Plug and Play Kit

Gen 3 Dishy Tuff Mount Plug and Play Kit

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Introducing our new Gen 3 Dishy Plug and Play Kit, offering three versatile options tailored to your preferences:

Option 1: Tuff Mount Only - Securely fix your Gen 3 Dishy to any surface, whether it's your vehicle, motorhome, caravan, or any other sturdy platform. This option seamlessly integrates with standard 240v Starlink setups, ensuring stability and reliability that your Dish isn't going anywhere and you have an internet connection wherever you roam.

Option 2: Tuff Mount and DC Power Supply with Starlink Router - Enhance your setup with the combination of a sturdy mount and a dedicated DC power supply for your Gen 3 Dishy. By powering the Starlink router with our efficient DC power supply, you can enjoy seamless Wi-Fi connectivity inside your vehicle or caravan. With a typical range of 10-15m, stay connected while on the move without compromising on performance.

Option 3: Tuff Mount and DC Plug and Play 200m Wi-Fi Range - Experience unparalleled convenience with our all-in-one solution. This option features a built-in power supply and router, making setup a breeze. Simply plug into either a 12v or 24v power source and enjoy reliable Wi-Fi connectivity on-the-go. With the addition of our external antennas, extend your Wi-Fi range up to an impressive 200m from your vehicle or caravan, ensuring connectivity even in remote locations or expansive campsites.

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