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Rugged Starlink Flat Mount 12/24v Kit

Rugged Starlink Flat Mount 12/24v Kit

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Please note that these kits are made by humans in Australia and due to high demand have an 8 -10 week lead time.

Introducing the Rugged Starlink Flat Mount 12/24v Kit, the ultimate Plug and Play solution for your connectivity needs. Whether it's for your ute, trailer, canopy, or toolboxes, this kit is designed to be mounted quickly and effortlessly.

Experience a seamless installation process with our pre-assembled kit. We've handled all the heavy lifting, so all you need to do is securely bolt down the Rugged unit and plug in the cables.

This comprehensive kit includes:

  • 12/24v Ready Plug and Play Unit
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Router
  • Rugged Flat Mount (Dishy Housing)
  • Optional 70m Wi-Fi Puck Aerial for extended range
  • 4m UV rated CAT6 Cable for reliable connections
  • 2m Anderson Plug for easy power connection
  • Waterproof RJ45 Joiner for added durability

You have the option to select your preferred cable position. This allows you to choose where you want the cable to exit for connection to your router. Not only is this for cable management, but it also adds to the overall aesthetics of your setup, ensuring a clean and professional appearance. 


  • Rugged case: 550mm x 340mm x 35mm
  • Plug and Play unit: 290mm x 157mm x 40mm
  • Surface Mount: 520mm x 320mm x 25mm

Note: For surfaces that are not flat or smooth, we recommend using our surface mounts as a minimum requirement.

With easy-to-follow instructions, this kit can be installed in just an hour or so, providing you with reliable connectivity wherever you go.

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