Rugged Plug and Play Kit (12/24v)

Kit 1

Introducing our highly sought-after Rugged Plug and Play Kit. A top favourite among our customers. It seamlessly operates using your existing 12v or 24v system. Its straightforward design eliminates the hassle of setting up the Dishy each time you wish to utilize it. With a quick power-on, you'll be effortlessly be connected to the internet within 2 minutes. Embrace the convenience like never before!

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Portable Dishy Setup (12/24v)

Kit 2

Introducing our Kit 2 Portable Dishy, The perfect solution for users who prefer not to flat mount their Dishy while still enjoying the benefits of a 12v or 24v setup. To facilitate this setup, a modified cable from Dishy to Plug and Play Box is required. Fear not, the installation process remains simple: just set up your Dishy and power it on, and within 2 minutes, you'll be connected to the internet, hassle-free!

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BYO Dishy + Router (12/24v)

Kit 3

A perfect choice for users seeking the convenience of 12v or 24v capabilities while already owning a router and Dishy. Please note that this option require a modification of the Dishy to POE cable. 

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The EXTREME (12/24v)

Kit 4

The EXTREME - the souped-up version of our Rugged Kit. Unlike its predecessor, this advanced unit positions everything on the roof, with the exception of the power supply tucked neatly under the hood. Even the WIFI finds its home within the unit, ensuring your vehicle remains clutter-free. Experience the epitome of efficiency and convenience with Outback Comms EXTREME!

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Flat Mounted + Starlink Router (240v)

Kit 5

The ideal choice for those seeking the combination of Starlink router functionality on 240v power while benefiting from the added protection of flat mounting the Dishy within our durable Rugged case. Please note that this option does require a modification of the Dishy to router cable. Enjoy the best of both worlds with Kit 5, ensuring a seamless and safeguarded experience!

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