Collection: Starlink flatmounts

Do you need to flatmount your starlink dishy?

Flat mounts are designed to mount starlink on vehicles, trailers, containers, mobile crib huts or mobile site offices.

Starlink is great, it is truely a game changer for many, but making it portable however is a whole other story, mounting in or on vehicles is painful, and if you plan on carrying it around made up in one of the passenger seats, that would be downright dangerous in an accident even if its strapped in. 

Fortunately, Outback Comms has flatmount kits to suit, whatever your set up may be.

We offer plain starlink mounts through to sophisticated mounts that completely encase the router and wifi.

Each flatmount kit provides housing and brackets if required for the Starlink unit to be mounted to the top of your vehicle, trailer, RV,  work ute, etc.

Purposely built to endure our Australian weather and remote work sites and they are ideal for outback travelling!!